Would You TRUST Riptropin Somatropin?

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Riptropin is a synthetic form of human growth hormone (HGH) manufactured by using the recombinant DNA technology.

It is mainly manufactured by underground labs creating forms of growth hormone for use by bodybuilders and athletes.

It’s used for accelerated performance and increased muscle growth.

Riptropin is a “revised” form of brand-name synthetic growth hormone products. In this case, it is known as rebranding.

It is typically sold on the black market. Such products are often produced in China and sold through underground networks around the world.

The brand in the UK and Western European countries is more popular in than in the US and may be easier to find from such sources.

Riptropin Profile

Riptropin is not a legitimately manufactured growth hormone product, at least in the United States and numerous other countries around the world.

It’s not listed on a number of popular and accessible chemical and pharmaceutical drug resources.

One of the best ways to determine the “legitimacy” of drug components in the US is to access databases such as those provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information or databases like Drugs.com.

Countries around the world have their own databases and lists of licensed, certified and condoned pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Since Riptropin is an underground product, it can be difficult for potential buyers of the form of growth hormone (HGH) to know if the product they actually receive is fake or real.

Numerous mentions of the growth hormone are found on bodybuilding forum board discussion threads, with varying opinion regarding efficacy.

Riptropin Benefits

What makes Riptropin results different from other forms of synthetic growth hormone is that it contains a 192-amino acid sequence rather than be standard 191 amino acids that are commonly found in endogenous or body-produced amino acid chains.

Be aware that the extra amino acid can interfere with the body’s immune responses. The immune system identifies that extra amino acid as a foreign object or body and will attack it.

This can impact not only hamper immunity, but potential development of immunity of the body’s own HGH production.

Is Your Riptropin Fake?

Riptropin is generally sold in glass or plastic vials depending on country of origin. One manufacturer provides 10 IU vials of Riptropin in white powder form.

This manufacturer states that the powder in the vial may contain very small particles or look like it has been packed or clumped. They state that this is normal.

Note – Do not use any product that looks clumped or discolored.

Don’t always believe what you read. Compare websites. Compare reviews. Do your homework.

Some manufacturers claim that Riptropin will not contribute to side effects, but this is not necessarily true. Putting a growth hormone into the body that it doesn’t need can trigger a number of negative side effects and adverse reactions.

The only way to tell if a product you’ve received is genuine is to have a blood test done.

HGH Testing

A number of bodybuilders take a number of approaches to determine if the HGH they have purchased is legitimate.

Some can be done at home with testing kits found at a local pharmacy or purchased online.

Pregnancy tests – a pregnancy test detect the presence of HCG but not human growth hormone (HGH). Both look similar when packaged in vials as a freeze dried white powder.

Tests for IGF-1 levels – Insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1 is manufactured in the liver. Taking this test and looking for an increase in IGF-1 levels will only determine that you may have purchased IGF-1 and not genuine HGH.

Checking labels, serial numbers, or holograms – this option provided by underground labs is intended to “prove” that their product is real. Such ploys are next to useless.

Today, counterfeit manufacturing and packaging has advanced to the point where all of these can be counterfeited. In most cases, testing for verifying such points is often offered through a link to another page of the manufacturer’s website.

Riptropin Dosage Recommendations

Dosage recommendations vary. One manufacturer recommends 0.005 mg up to 0.06 mg per kilo body weight.

Bodybuilders are notoriously known for taking higher than recommended dosages of products. Accessing user dosage comments, it is advised that bodybuilders not exceed eight (8) IUs, with the common being one (1) IU.

Results differ, as does the potential for Riptropin side effects.

Riptropin Testimonials

When looking for Riptropin reviews, take the time to compare comments left by former users on bodybuilding websites and forum board discussion threads.

Reviews are not particularly positive – but again depend on who has made it. It is generally considered an overpriced, low-quality and low-purity product.

The negative reputation of government-sponsored as well as underground manufacturing labs in China and other locations in Asia are well-known.

Use caution when purchasing Riptropin from any underground lab. In some cases, you may end up just throwing money away. In others, serious side effects and influence on the body are long-lasting and can be quite detrimental.

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