Wrong cycle again

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This cycle must be broken 4 weeks hex, 2 weeks nasal but fucked my nose uo so bad that that thid NOT work for me .after that 2 weeks no heden.3rd 2x vapes, 4th every dsg vapes. With plan to take 1 1x time 1 kerr as coffee because work only eight hours total and with little Crash is less. Were and more. Piece or six small and large. I couldn’t do well with Vapen but vaping tastes sweet notnharsh en is very very pleasant. Very very. Never telt this. Beter then crack. Lighter rush but reallynjice bit short with long rsidual energy after.

Second time 1 plan have become two.

Last now. 1 * plan. Due to circumstances and the ability to do 3 or 4 tips. Fairly solid. so etz to sleep so ha.

I thought I’d seen it all. But hexen is a bitch. An ice-cold tasty bad news girlfriend.

I was warned and too confident. It is not really tasty. But those five to 15 minutes do it for a while. I have enough amph and Sosa experience not to do it again. The first hit on a day is always unmatched with the previous day. But that first hit is fucking good. After that it becomes less. Then you want it to stop. You take Bezos and you sleep. You resolve not to do this anymore. Not forever but for a while. A week or so. Anyway. But the next day you think differently about it. You can still laugh about it due to the residual materials from the etz. After that you will feel a little nicer and more boring. Coffee but not much better. You can no longer do your job where you need focus. Many figures and planning and transport. Spend while working is always nice. But after that, you want more and you become Tweakerish.

So I know all that. And I have been able to control myself for years. Because I don’t want to give up stims. That frightens me. I tell myself that sometimes I need a Kick in a bag. Waking up every two weeks with a boost of energy.

And I thought I could handle that with some of this stuff for some experiments. But I was wrong …

Hexen is very compulsive. the vaping ROA is really something Else

I’m not going to throw it away or rinse it.

But not for the time being. I sometimes have difficulty keeping up with drugs. But so far it has always gone well.

I wanted to take drugs. But hexen I had to vape. It had to. Just one. For a bit of stimulation. But no.

It became 4 or 5 or more. With an attempt to masturbate. It was chaotic and not really fun. Then dit Some productieve wich was good. But it was the last time. I have a nice girlfriend and a pretty nice job that I sometimes doubt about. Also about my girlfriend. But I doubt a lot. But going hexen more for the time being. Nope. Etz and sleep

Now 8mg total in 2 hours. This circle must be broken. It has been worse once and that should not happen again. I won’t survive that.

Sorry for the rambbling but i Need to vent. GoT nobody for this kinda talks.This was made by Google translatie and a bit desperate and high man . I hope my WD Will be less worse then i think. But now more etz :,( .

Edit: Last night typing this made so much sense.. But now I see how how fucked up this text was. But I also wanted to remind my mindset last night. Long story short. I thought coca was the most fiendish high that one could Chase. Smoked but even nasal. I’ve survived amphetamine and cocaïne addiction. But hexen is another beast. The high itself is NOT very special. And i cant keep the Promise to myself to do it once. Because the first hit is the only one thats worth it. I thought i was experienced. But this one is a steady slope downhill… self control is very hard with this one. I hope my etizolam WDs are not that worse…

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